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Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria

Victorian International Academy

Victorian International Academy (VIA) is a leading provider of Hairdressing, Aged and Disability Care training, located near Melbourne CBD in Fitzroy. VIA provides training to both domestic and international students. Due to the growth of our organization, VIA is now seeking a Compliance Officer to join our team.


The overall responsibilities of the Compliance Officer include monitoring and ensuring VIA is compliant with requirements of all regulatory bodies including but not limited to ASQA and Skills first funding contract. He/she needs to ensure that training and assessment strategies are up to date and any improvement actions undertaken are documented. He/she will be working under the direction of the External Compliance Consultant and will be reporting to CEO and External Compliance Consultant.


Compliance and Quality Assurance

  • Assist in Compliance Framework to ensure adherence to ASQA, VTG funding requirements and other regulatory bodies;

  • Assist in all aspects of compliance and quality assurance;

  • Assist in Overseeing the Scope of Registrations;

  • Produce reports, plans, manuals and schedules relating to adherence to ASQA, VTG funding requirements and other regulatory bodies as per management directions;

  • Coordinating internal and external audits, qualification updates, and funding applications

  • Assist in review and update of policies, procedures, documents and forms into consistent funding format;

  • Administer quality and student administration systems;

  • Analyze and report on student enrolments and demographics;

  • Assist in development and Maintenance of plans, schedules, quality control and version control of documents relating to compliance in line with the Quality Management System;

  • Assist in Ensuring that participant files are compliant with ASQA requirements and funding contracts.

  • Assist in ensuring that training and assessment materials and strategies are compliant with ASQA requirements and funding contracts.

  • Regular internal auditing to ensure compliance and provide advice on policies and practices.

  • Comply with all relevant policies and procedures and legislative requirements.

  • Reporting on financial performance, including VET Funding and other income stream projections;

  • Verify and confirm student eligibility for funded training;

  • Assist in claiming data upload (AVETMISSS files), amending any errors within specified timelines;

  • Monitor claims, following up on students with low claims or courses with no claims etc., monitor withdrawal rates;

  • Follow up any areas of concerns, e.g. ongoing errors of the same type, with department/site managers and/or staff.

  • Map curriculum documents and assessment tasks against the requirements of training package units.

  • Conduct and record assessment validations sessions with trainers.

  • Document improvement opportunities identified during validation activities.

  • Record improvement actions are undertaken and amend mapping documentation appropriately.

  • Assist in maintaining training and assessment strategies up-to-date

  • Conduct and record validation sessions with industry personnel

  • Record improvement actions are undertaken and amend strategy for learning and assessment appropriately.

  • Prepare a quarterly improvement activity report for management.

  • Continuous review and development of all courses.

  • Consult with industry and community groups to ensure the continued relevance of teaching and learning programs.

  • Represent the organization on relevant committees and networks whenever required.

  • Focus on developing and strengthening community partnerships and inclusive community options.

  • Participate in staff meetings, policy and organizational development activities.

  • Check staff files for completeness

  • Update professional development details on staff files

  • Maintain staff competency mappings up-to-date

  • Identify and recommend any professional development opportunities required to maintain staff education and training and vocational competency staff

  • Collect and analyze feedback on programs from owners, students, employers and staff

  • Document improvement opportunities identified from analyzing the feedback

  • Record improvement actions undertaken as a result of stakeholder feedback

  • Implement the access and equity policy

  • Monitor implementation of the access and equity policy by all RTO staff

Leadership and Performance Management

  • Contribute to the provision of effective leadership and management;

  • Assisting the management with overall organizational planning and development, implementation and evaluation of strategies and activities designed to achieve the organization’s objectives.

  • Provide for effective, ongoing communication to all staff within the training services contract compliance business unit to ensure a working environment that maximizes team spirit and morale and delivers excellent customer service;

  • Ensure all staff with in the business unit have current Position Descriptions;

  • Ensure performance reviews are conducted regularly with all contract compliance staff in accordance with the Performance Feedback System.

Safe and Healthy Workplace/Environmental Responsibility:

  • Contribute to ensuring a safe working environment for co-workers and visitors.

  • Identify and implement opportunities to improve environmental responsibility.

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