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The current COVID lockdown has been extended starting from tonight (June 3rd) at 11:59pm until 10th June 2021.


The five reasons to leave your home will remain in place in Melbourne however, the travel radius will expand to a 10km radius.

Victorians will only be allowed to leave their homes for five reasons:

  • Food and supplies

  • Authorized work

  • Care and caregiving

  • Exercise for up to two hours with one other person

  • Getting vaccinated


What it means for VIA’s staff, trainers and students.


  • VIA’s all locations including Fitzroy head office will be closed until 10th June 2021 and will be back to normal from Friday 11th June.

  • All Hairdressing appointments and clients will need to be postponed until 11th June.

  • All hairdressing and Individual Support classes (Including the online class) will be cancelled until 11th June.


For All trainers and staff: Please ensure you tell all your students about the conditions mentioned above and please make sure they understand.


If there is any changes to the conditions above and/or extension of the lockdown period, we will update you all on it.


For all emergency contacts during the lockdown period, feel free to contact us on 0437 014 772.

Stay safe and if you have symptoms, please get tested.


We hope to see everyone back on the 11th June.

Thurs 03 Jun 2021, 15:33 

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